Singapore Tour Package – Welcome to the Land of Adventure and Sightseeing

tour packages from singapore to australia

Singapore tour package Lures tourists from every part of the world and in massive numbers every year. It is in Singapore which you can encounter some fascinating wildlife destinations, amazing shopping locales and the world’s finest beaches. Whether you are on a holiday with family or you have come on a honeymoon trip, Singapore bundle would not disappoint you. Be it the many sightseeing spots or the mouth-watering food or the exotic beaches or the rich culture- Singapore has something for everybody.

Best beaches in the World: Singapore has some of the best beaches on the planet. Being an island-country, Singapore is replete with shores. Head to Sentosa Island to come face to face with some of the most pristine and terrific beaches you have put your foot on. The beaches are incredibly picturesque and provide solace to the tourists. If you like the sand and the sea, Sentosa Island is the ideal getaway for you. From water sports to beautiful sunsets- you will definitely be left amazed and hungry for more.

tour packages from singapore to australia

Terrific shopping Destinations: tour packages from singapore to australia are a paradise for shopaholics. If you love shopping, then why not visit this awesome country that has some of the most important and most popular shopping locales on earth! Orchard Road, Little India and China Town are several exquisite shopping destinations. They are not only great sites to look at but also provide a sneak peek into a gorgeous cosmopolitan culture. People of varying ethnicities live together in harmony. Under Singapore tour package, you can shop until you drop! These shopping malls also have a flurry of great restaurants. The excellent thing about Singapore is that you get to taste several cuisines- all extremely delicious and palatable.

Adventure: If You are An adventure enthusiast, then Singapore bundle has plenty to offer to you. The beaches come with a great deal of adventure games such as surfing, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving and parasailing. You will have the time of your life in these beaches. Then there are wildlife excursions especially the thrilling night safari. Jurong Bird Park is one of the largest Singapore attractions. It is seen by thousands of tourists each year. Also take a look at the Singapore Zoo where you can share breakfast with the trained orangutans.