Https://gamestore.live/lol-accounts/north-america is an official site that provides LOL accounts. For those of you who are beginners, do you know what LOL is? LOL or League of Legends is a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena PC game. You will meet other players in an arena of battle, and must complete certain objectives such as destroying something to win the match. In League of Legends, you will play five against five. Your partners and opponents are people chosen by the system randomly according to your abilities. However, you can also play together with up to four of your friends using the Party feature. Each team has the same objective, which is destroying the enemy Nexus. Nexus is a large crystal located in the middle of the enemy base. So, are you interested in becoming a gamer and starting your fantasy world?

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Https://Gamestore.Live/Lol-Accounts/North-America League of Legends has 132 champions that can be used in the game. Each has their best role. Speaking of roles, in League of Legends, especially in the competitive realm, the roles of each Champion are clear and certain. League of Legends uses cel-shading style. This style combines 3D graphics elements shading with 2D cartoon style. LOL uses a relatively faster tempo game and a lot of skill shots elements in it. When watching a competitive match, there must be five different roles, namely Top Lane, Jungle, Mid Lane, AD (attack damage) Carry, and Support. It used to be popular AP (ability point) Carry, but meta is now rarely seen AP Carry in the lower lane. AD Carry and Support from both teams will always occupy the lower lane. You could say, League of Legends is more structured.

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