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  • Klezmershack
    This is the most pleasant musical surprise of the season. I received a promising CD (beautiful, interesting cover) from Israel (bad news if klezmer but not Moshe Berlin). I'm not sure what this is, but it isn't klezmer. It is the most delightful soup of avant garde jazz I've heard since, oh, the last time I saw Dutch percussionist Han Bennink. Read more...

  • Folkworld
    Wow - what a band! It is one of my personal favorites of 2003. Kruzenshtern & Parohod's music is so wonderfully weired, so unconventional and unique... But be careful - if you are not into very individual free music with long trance elements (for a long time repeating the same short hook line of music), fast and unexpected changes of music, bits of crying, shouting and toy elements in music - then better leave them alone. I know people who love this (like myself) and people who hate it.... Read more...

  • Splendid Ezine
    Certain passages, like the chaotic clarinet solo in "March", recall avant-garde jazz more than anything else, while the groovy funk-rock rhythm line in "Danglers Song" lies beneath mysterious woodwind melodies in an intriguing blend of traditional and modern.... The production, while solid, also shows a taste for experimentation. Read more...

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