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Stage plan

S1 S8 monitors
BA bass amplifier (EQ), DI Box
M1 M3 microphones
M5 M7 drums microphones
D1-D3 - DI boxes

1 12 drum set:
2 tom tom
3 bass drum
4 floor tom (on legs)
5 A Custom Crash Medium
6 A Custom splash
7 A Custom ping ride
8 A Custom Crash Medium Heavy
12 Quick beet hi-hat (flat bottom)
also drum set must contain:
-symbal boom stands x3
-symbal straight stand
-clamps x 2 + boom (for tamburin & splash symbal) x 2
-tam holder stand or snare stand
-snare stand
-hi hat stand adjustable for double pedal
-wide drum chair
-Vater drum sticks hickory 5A power
-Remo coated Ambassador drumheads
-Dynamic Microfons x 3

M1-M2 Shure 58 x 2

Accordion (2 AKG 416 inside)
D2-D3 Line IN (phantom) x 2

BA bass amplifier (with EQ), DI Box (150W min)

M3 Shure 58

-Bar seats (for clarinet and accordion) x 2
-Mineral Water on the stage x 8

     Designed and created by OIKE