Make the best use of growing Mobile Technologies

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Mobile technology is quite simply fascinating. What was once considered a luxury has quickly become a necessity. We don’t have to change much to our day-to-day activity thanks to the world of mobile tech.

Our smart phones help keep us organized, promising personal assistants like Siri and Cortana, and can even tell us when our heart rate gets too high. We no longer have to look at our phones to read texts or emails because now our watches sync directly with our phones and give us all the needed information. From business connecting to their consumers, to consumers getting through their daily activities, being mobile seems to be the only option.

But, has all this technology really made our lives simpler? How has this mobile-movement affected our day to lives and is it really a positive? Is the ability to handle all things personal and professional via a smartphone or tablet our new best friend or angry foe?

Make the best use of growing Mobile Technologies

Mobile technology has made us more mobile. This might sound silly, but it really has. Think of shopping, for instance. You can buy everything you need from guitar lessons at Guitar City (they have a great online coupon going on by the way) to exotic pets with just the simple click of a button.

Just a few years back we had to actually sit in front of a computer to order something or (gasp!) step foot in a store to grab groceries or get ahead on Christmas shopping. Now, we can order our groceries online and have them delivered, or handle all of our Black Friday shopping from the comfort of our home, car, office, or during an intermission at the ballett.

Mobile technology disconnects us from society. While the above mentioned talks about how mobile technology makes us more mobile, it does stop us from having face-to-face interactions. While it is convenient to shop online, we do lose touch with other human beings.

We’ve all seen that meme that reads: “No internet. Talk to each other like it’s 1998.” While we all laugh or perhaps gasp at the thought of not having wifi, would it actually be so bad? Look around at your next coffee shop and see how many people are actually talking vs. how many are scrolling through their phones. Wifi is now a requirement from mechanics to dentist offices to coffee shops and while it’s just how the world is, it can be intimidating.